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Component Blox is a tool intended to help full-stack developer's speed and creativity.
New Bootstrap Components Added Daily

Our goal is to upload 1 or more components each day so our members will always have fresh components to play with.

All Bootstrap Components Use Minimal CSS

All components have minimal to no CSS. Our goal is to make each component fully utilize Bootstrap's framework.

Bootstrap Component Blox WordPress Theme

For WordPress developers, we've released a free WordPress theme that fully integrates with Component Blox.

How does Component Blox Work?


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Mix and match components to create web pages in minutes.

Inception of Component Blox

As with all things, Component Blox was created out of a need. A need to have a wide variety of production-ready components that were well designed and easy to use. As a full-time/full stack developer, building dozens of websites a year, creativity wasn't always at my disposal. So having a tool that helped spark my creativity has proven indispensable to my workflow and hope it will do the same for other busy web developers.

Companion WordPress Theme

For those who specialize in developing websites with WordPress, we have developed a bare-bones theme that integrates perfectly with Component Blox. Our Bootstrap integrated Wordpress theme is simple, lightweight (688 KB), fast, and most importantly stable.

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